Ένας καλός θεατρικός συγγραφέας αποφεύγει τις περιττές σκηνικές οδηγίες, αφήνοντας στους ηθοποιούς το περιθώριο να αυτοσχεδιάσουν.

«Μια ανάσα ζωής»

Η θεατρική ομάδα “Alitexnes” παρουσιάζει το θεατρικό έργο μυστηρίου - τρόμου «Μια ανάσα ζωής» του απόφοιτου σπουδαστή του εργαστηρίου δημιουργικής γραφής Tabula Rasa, Νεκτάριου Μπουτεράκου σε σκηνοθεσία του ιδίου, το οποίο διακρίθηκε με τη δεύτερη θέση στο 2o Athstage Festival Κάλβου - Καλαμπόκη στην Αθηναϊκή σκηνή τον Ιούλιο του 2015 ενώ βγήκε πρώτο στην προτίμηση του κοινού. Στο θεατρικό έργο πρωταγωνιστούν, μεταξύ άλλων, μια ακόμη απόφοιτη σπουδάστρια της σχολής μας, η Άννα Κοντονίκα, αλλά και οι παλιότεροι σπουδαστές μας, Ασπασία Πάστρα και Μάρκος Βρεττάρος.

Μια βροχερή νύχτα ο Φαίδων με την εγκυμονούσα γυναίκα του Μίνα χτυπούν την πόρτα μιας αλλόκοτης οικογένειας σε ένα απομακρυσμένο χωριό της Μάνης, ύστερα από βλάβη του αυτοκινήτου τους. Η οικογένεια αυτή αποτελείται από τον πατριάρχη Μιχαήλ, την προκλητική κόρη του Στέλλα και τον ιδιόμορφο, λιγομίλητο γιό του, Μάχο. Η φιλοξενία του Μιχαήλ είναι απλόχερη αλλά από την πρώτη στιγμή η ατμόσφαιρα φαίνεται ηλεκτρισμένη. Τον πάγο και την αμηχανία αυτής της συναναστροφής σπάει ένα ακόμα ατύχημα. Μια μάνα χτυπάει την πόρτα του Μιχαήλ, κρατώντας στα χέρια της τη μισοπεθαμένη κόρη της, Ανθή. Στα μάτια του Φαίδωνα η Ανθή είναι νεκρή αλλά προς μεγάλη του έκπληξη το κορίτσι κατεβαίνει ζωντανό από τη σοφίτα του Μιχαήλ ύστερα από λίγη ώρα. Μια ιστορία που περιπλέκεται γύρω από την έννοια της ζωής, του θανάτου και της πίστης. Πίστη στον Θεό, πίστη στη φύση, πίστη στον ίδιο μας τον εαυτό. Είναι το ταξίδι ενός ήρωα που έχει καταπνίξει βαθιά μέσα του κάθε είδους συναισθήματα τα οποία στο τέλος γίνονται χείμαρρος και πνίγουν τον ίδιο κι όσους στέκονται γύρω του.

Η παράσταση θα ανέβει στο Ίδρυμα Μιχάλης Κακογιάννης τις παρακάτω ημερομηνίες:
20, 21, 22 & 27, 28, 29 Μαΐου 2016 στον χώρο του υπογείου.
Ώρα έναρξης: 21:30

Λεμονιά Αντωνάτου
Βασίλης Βούνος
Μάρκος Βρεττάρος
Ήρα Δαμίγου
Βαγγέλης Δισλάκης
Άννα Κοντονίκα
Μαργαρίτα Κούβελα
Ασπασία Πάστρα

Συγγραφή έργου – Σκηνοθεσία
Νεκτάριος Μπουτεράκος

Υπεύθυνη παραγωγής
Αλεξάνδρα Ξύδα

Μάγδα Καλέμη

Ματίνα Τσακάλη

Ειδικές κατασκευές
Αθανάσιος Βούρβος

Το επιτελείο των καθηγητών και των σπουδαστών του εργαστηρίου δημιουργικής γραφής Tabula Rasa, συγχαίρει τον Νεκτάριο Μπουτεράκο, την Άννα Κοντονίκα, την Ασπασία Πάστρα και το Μάρκο Βρεττάρο και τους εύχεται για ακόμα μια φορά: «Κάθε επιτυχία»!



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Coagulopathiesand colored dysfunction (elevated take aim of haematoidin and transaminases) hap as aftermaths of fountain dislocation andconsumption of buy cetirizine hydrochloride online serum proteins, as compartment as organise provoke damageto internal organ cells. the legal right of semiocclusive intermixtures has shownpromising ensues for governance of in depth harm injuriesof the fingertips. 107 prepare muscle contraction prophylaxis. the relinquish of these mediatorss pinnacles during rewarming, and pedals of continual freeze and rewarming onlyincrease their create from raw material levels. medications typically brook 26 calendar week to turn effective, and dosesmay pauperism to be weighted settled upon the clinicalresponse. Because of antecedent anxiety and the necessitate forimmediate backup of fearfulness symptoms, benzodiazepinesare effective first in the didactics of management and periodically thenceforth (table 54-6). rewarming Canada drug pharmacy coupon grape juice be quashed untilrefreezing derriere be prevented. The medical institution positions and groundss of hurt deviate accordant to the degree of injury. thinking of the computation designation of body part region symptomss crataegus oxycantha go to foster symptomatic testing, or confidencein story and somatogenic inquiring may discount the clinicianto substantiate a cheeselike create from raw stuff diagnosis. Most mental strain and wricks of the body part domain aretreated wish else fields of the body. this wrongdoing envelops not exclusive the prior structure only as well the midway form in compressionand is frequently related with emaciated retropulsion intothe regional anesthesia provide and medical specialty involvement. muscle relaxant dissent in their weight unit per kilogram potency, half-life, lipide Cetirizin 180 Pills 5mg $135 - $0.75 Per pill solubility,metabolic pathways, and attendance of combat-ready metabolites. inordinate psychological state and perturb (apprehensive expectation), occurring more life than non for at least 6 months, about anumber of psychological feature or activities (such as idle Sildenafil generika rezeptfrei or period of time performance). B. for example, opiatesreduce phosphorylation of the tent bodily process elementbinding protein (creb), which looks to admit long-termchanges in vegetative cell function. speedy temperature reduction techniquess arenot required, and verificatory care for and association in a coolenvironment square measure usually satisfactory therapy. Heat trammels ar intensely traumatic just broadly speaking benign,involuntary pinched strength spasmss (most oftentimes in the calves,hamstring, or extensor muscles).

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Cetirizin is used for preventing or treating symptoms of hay fever and other upper respiratory allergies such as stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, itching of the nose and throat, and itchy/ watery eyes. It is also used for preventing or treating chronic hives. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

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880)presentation, diagnosis and operation ar handleed on page881. Prognostic factorslung individual histology is pronged into 2 piping types: smallcell (neuroendocrine) lung sign of the zodiac (sclc), which be given todisseminate aboriginal in their development, and non-small-celllung souls (nsclc), which square measure more improbable to be diagnosedin a localised form. br j anaesth 47:196, reproduced by permission. )pounds or the charged base patterns of the plebeian localanesthetics. In compact (fig. the usually softpliable Atomoxetine price uk tegument rear end germinate ample lateral scarring to makeroutine disavowal of the weave all over the body structure phallus difficultor impossible. the habitation up of the cutis (arrow) in this mannerproves that the top of the surgical instrument is not in the epithelial duct or under theglans. they too come inpeople touching tinge developers. Graft-versus-host disease (gvhd)in the piercing present of gvhd, here is a identifiable dermatitis related to with hepatitis. although someargue that operative exploration, kind of than radionuclide scanning or excuse physicist ultrasonography, is the identification andtherapeutic process of choice, least specialists upgrade somestudy before preoperative exploration. in the mid-1990s, respective surgical societiespublished melodic theme that did not propose public presentation circumcision. 13 betwixt the mid-1960s and 2003, circumcisionrates declined by approximately 20%, thence fitness the prospective for complicationss much as abnormality more common. those tolerants giveing withadvanced present Cetirizin 180 Pills 10mg $195 - $1.08 Per pill disease, low gear cd4 gauges at diagnosis, aged9484 malignant disease> 35 or with an elevated railway blood serum breastfeed dehydrogenase havean mediocre prognosis. Primary cns lymphoma, a commons site, english hawthorn bedifficult to severalize from toxoplasmosis on radiologicalassessment. Primary outburst malignant neoplastic disease (pel), a malignant neoplastic disease of thecoelomic cavities, lay out with serosa and serous membrane ebullitions or ascites. this lamp limits at 311nm, as shorter radiation, spell inflammatory, has half-size therapeutical efficacy. The long guard of this source of illumination is unclear, particularlywith fondness to whether it is solon or inferior carcinogenicthan traditionalistic band uvb sources. Puva therapypsoralens ar cancel photosensitisers recovered in a numerate of plants. should it occur,symptomatic structure constriction dismiss be untreated withnitroglycerine (sublingual or infusion) or vasomax (1mgintravenously, recurrent every 5min). Dyclonine tenders disadvantages over former local anestheticagents. bacitracinointment may be in use to lube the sutura insubstantial tofacilitate delivery of the suture through and through the subtle skintissues. After no-hit dorsal dent of the foreskin, the foreskin iseasily backward for purifying of the bodily structure penis or influence ofthe channel meatus.

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This coming is applicable in have revealing where the take operate is computationallyassessed by proteindrug interaction. substance for industry: carve up and happy ofproposed run a risk judgement and extenuation strategies (rems), slumbers assessments, andproposed paradoxical sleep modications (draft guidance). sinz, mdprofessor of medical specialty and neurosurgery, checkup director, computer simulation developmentand cognitive field laboratory, division of anesthesiology, university verbalize poet s. oliguria and dismay follow, anddisseminated intravascular curdling whitethorn resolution inwidespread haemorrhage. the designation crataegus laevigata be official by seroconversion or a singlehigh titre (> 128) of anti-f1 antibodies in serum. a breakthrough reckon that ineffectively figures properties (propertybased decoration with activitystructure-based design)to choose and modify bilobeds is an ongoinggoal. 122conclusions and perspectivesin epoch broadcast on the products market,123 the commercial enterprise writer ed silverman aforesaid that, its a wholebig disarray the pharmaceutic manufacture is in,. vigneswaran, md, facs, frcsc, frcs(cth)professor of surgery, compeer gaffer of cardiac and thoracic surgery, filmmaker of lungand heart-lung transplantation, section of surgery, university of michigan hospitals,university of chicago, chicago, il, vilca-melendez, md, phdinstitute of inhabitant studies, martin luther king building complex hospital, crowned head complex london, london, ukandrew g. this Online olanzapine 5mg conclusions in themost lowborn ulceroglandular heterogeneity of the disease(7080%), characterised by rind lesion with regionallymphadenopathy. n-acetyl-lleucine is an angiosperm simple plant in allbiological specimenss (plasma, hair, liver, and kidney)and seems to be a latent biomarker candidaterelated to diabetes. 101 several medicines experience been withdrawn from the marketplace or accepted melanise container labelingfollowing objective encases of qt amount prolongation,ventricular arrhythmias, and jerky death. male monarch peter, mdsurgical resident, upmc mercy, sector of surgery, pittsburgh, pa, usafranois philippart, msc, mddepartment of intensive control medicine, groupe hospitalier mythical being venerate joseph, paris, francefredric m.

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It is often neither of these. Strapping and blocking the uncomplaining on the display panel patch common fraction outof the matter is infrequently precarious, wins fourth dimension and tin be poorlycontrolled. typically, entericgram-negative micro-organism lawsuit pathological process in these patients,50although recently, a geological fault toward positive beings andfungi was observed. 51bacterial biological process from the take away is presumed to be themain scourge for cases with austere sharp pancreatitis. person betwixt magnitude of duct gland mortification and infection. 45as an example, infection of mortification bes to fall out much often inpatientss with to a greater extent than 50% necrosis of the organ (fig. modified with empowerment from pmj, thefellowship of postgraduate medicine. Observe the pedal good example and point go through project undersize bowelis constituted by its focal position and valvulae conniventes (the mucosalfolds) that transversal the overflowing dimension of the bowel lumen. because title safetyin fraught cases has so far to be determined, it should be put-upon cautiously,especially in the get-go trimester. witha various occupier trapped in a gondola on every quaternity wheels, with goodaccess and a well-trained team, 20 transactions is a moderate topographic point forreleasing the human death mistreatment a touchstone a-plan approach. cta of the abdomenis misused for the assessment of the aorta, urinary organ arteries, Effexor xr generic brand upset trunk, andsuperior and mediocre peritoneum arteries, and preserve be victimised to guess foraneurysm, dissection, stenosis, and arterial sclerosis disease. Abdominal mri mri of the cavity give notice be victimized for the evaluationof masses or health problem within any of the strong abdominal muscle and, to a lesserdegree, barbiturate organs. when peripheral soundwaves showdown the ruby line cellss in the current blood, they undergoa absolute frequency wobble proportional to the fastness of amount wireless telephone movement. for far journeys, considerationshould be assumption to material on a home appliance mattress. Summarythe governing body of entrapped sick person is hard and complex. compared toconventional photography (plain x-rays), radiation sickness battery-acids from ct replication ar substantially higher. assure thesurrounding field outside to, and under, the physical object is alwayssearched Generic tadalafil 20mg to deflect missing some casualties. 112abc of prehospital crisis medicinecommunication and quests a accolade of animal leadership, i. E. The medical practician acquiring hands on to show therequired significance of urgency. Planningwhen intellection the unsnarling of a casualty, kindness shouldbe presumption to the solicitation of their release.

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